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Re: IMAN’s TS jeans?

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@Still Raining wrote:

Could it be that they are midrise?  If so the "waist" is actually a midhip measure and would be larger.

I see what you are saying, but they look like they are "natural waist", not high, not mid, to what is normally about 27" for me.


I tried to compare to recent DG2's I bought in size 2, only b'cuz they said they ran a bit big with lots of stretch, and her waist measurements were too big in the 4's...and they were good on me. However, like someone else said here...they don't have same type garment details on these that they do on the DG2, ughhhh...I wish they'd be consistent with the info online. It's succcch a process, it is easy to "talk one's self out of them" as another poster said!


I put both 2's and 4's in my cart, and have yet to check my white pants to see if they still fit me and if I should buy these.


Thanks to the one who gave me all your measurements...very helpful! I'm only 5'1 1/2, and currently about 137 lbs...I know...doesn't seem like a 2 or 4, but the way things run, that's what's been fitting me. I seldom buy petite, I like my pants longer, and if they happen to be a bit long I don't mind tucking under the skinnies or even scrunched around my ankle. My legs are longer for my height...often petites look too short.


ie. STILL CONFUSED! lol....I won't die if they sell out in my size/color before I figure it out...I'm just sick of paying return fees, so I just as soon pass. 

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Re: IMAN’s TS jeans?

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If there was a garment measurements chart then we could figure out exactly where the 'waist' would come. But w/o that chart then we're sort of in the dark.


Okay so I went and looked at her other '360' jeans and in the details I found in the description where it mentions the rises for reg and plus sizes there.  Now whether or not these are the same for the TS jeans is uncertain but I'm willing to bet that they are the same.


Rises for her other 360 jeans:

Front Rise:Missy approx. 10.5"L; Womens approx. 11.75"L
Back Rise:Missy approx. 16"L; Womens approx. 18.25"L
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Don't know if you ordered or not but I just wanted to say I get no gapping in her jeans at all.  Let us know what you decided, I know it's frustrating at times, believe me.   Her jeans "bounce" back. @amyb 

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@SilleeMee wrote:

Where are the garment measurements charts?? I see only the size/fit charts. It's almost like buying something while blindfolded.

@SilleeMee   This is the first TS I've seen that didn't include garment measurements.  I've always ordered my usual Q size in her pants and they fit fine.  I ordered her jeans recently and hated the bright, brassy hardware which is more prominent in person, especially on the darker colors.  I especially dislike that nameplate on my rear end.  Sent them back.

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@amyb   I have two pairs of the  IMAN Global Chic 360 Slim Boot-Cut Jeans.  I really like them.  

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After all was said and done...I just didn't want to deal with trying and possibly having to return them, when there are other brands I like out there, some on Amazon, with no return fees. I often wonder why QVC/HSN can't figure out how to fit that into their business model, to compete...but I digress.


I decided, if I'd ordered, I'd probably try the size 4 based on some of the models wearing the 4 who looked like my body type, though a bit taller. Also helpful the info others shared here.


Did any of you buy them? I'd be curious to see how you liked them and how the fit was.


I did take inventory....I have a few white Tribal pull on cotton twill, skinny/straight, another skinny really cute style, still with tags on them. (I wound up never wearing white pants all last summer!) And I have an older bootcut white from Chicos. All still fit (will fit better when I lose the next 5 lbs.) 


Only thing I'd like to find is a new 5 pocket white skinny jean, (I love Tribal's but didn't see any as yet out there) but decided I prefer not to have that gold hardware popping on them, that Iman's has. Also, I noticed on the models a lot of wrinkling all up & down the legs. 


The mid rinse blue was cute and the only one I didn't mind the gold hardware on, but I don't need that color.


So, I skipped it. But I appreciate all the good feedback here...I'd still consider Iman's slacks or jeans in the future. Though, like I said, I really am trying to go with sites or stores where I can either return at no charge, or try on in store...especially when it comes to pants which are so trial and error for sizing.

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@Teddixat wrote:

@amyb   I took a chance on the white skinny.   I am a size 4, 125 pounds 26-27 inch waist. 5.3.5.   I ordered the Sz2 Petite.  I need a new pair of white jeans and I went with the garment measurements.   One of the models was in a size 4 and she was definitely taller but her overall body, legs, hips was much larger than mine so I went with the size 2.  It appears there was a lot of stretch in the waist.

@Teddixat I'd love to hear your review when you get them! Sounds like you made the right choice given those size 4 models.


I carry most of my weight in hips, butt, thighs so I felt more like the size 4, but like I DG2 the 2's were fine. So lately it's so hard for me to tell. I do think Iman's jeans look like they are a good choice for curvy shapes, which would have been good for me. Anyway...I didn't go for it, but still curious what you think when you get them, if you feel like sharing.

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@ROMARY wrote:

I'm only thinking, where exactly do they (in general, not Iman's) consider a 'waist' is?


My real waist is higher (and smaller) than where the waistline of the jeans sit. 


Which seems to be  right around the top portion of the tummy, below the belly button.


So shall I measure that part,  a few inches larger than my true smaller 'waist-line'?


I usually just 'guess', and size up.


Sometimes it works, sometimes not. 


It's always a mystery (to me).


I guess that's why I seem to look for 'high waist' or 'super high waist' options. 






To my knowledge, working in retail, "natural waist" was always at about the belly button, like where Iman's jeans were. That's where I would measure for any jeans like that.

A super high waist you probably could measure that smaller part of your waist. Or in other words....when they give "waist measurements" on the garments, it's the waist of the garment & wherever that falls on the body that you measure, not whatever you consider your real waist.

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Thank you for the info. 


Makes a lot of sense. 


Btw, I do like Iman's TSV.  The details, etc. Especially (for me) the straight leg option.


Great look for most body types. 


Have a nice, safe, healthy week!



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@SilleeMee , this is another thing in fashion that is making me nuts.  They now make what they call a slim straight.  These were not a straight leg jeans as I know a straight leg jean.  A straight leg jeans should fall straight down from the hip.  These were a skinny jean and the skinny jeans were a jegging.