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Re: I gave up on jackets too soon...


Nice jackets! You look good in all 3. I agree with you that it's nice to have jackets that are different materials and styles. 

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Re: I gave up on jackets too soon...

You ladies are all very nice women...thank you!

We're getting our normal hot and humid weather now, so I'm not wearing these transitional outfits, but I thrifted a really cool Chico's batik scarf the other day that changed up one of these "jacket outfits," and I thought you might like to see it.

The Vince Camuto sleeveless blouse is being returned.  It's a beautiful, denim friendly, lightweight blouse, but I bought it (on sale $50 Nordy) specifically for this thrifted Kim Rogers lined linen jacket ($4) with the idea that it would also work for other jackets I might find in the future...thereby breaking two of my closet/fashion rulez: 
(1) don't buy don't wear have enough tanks if you need sleeveless; and (2) don't buy items for fantasy outfits that only exist in your imagination. 
I mean really!  I can't tell y'all how long it took me to find these three jackets!  The VC blouse could be too small or threadbare by the time I find another jacket that might...might!...go with the blouse.  You'd think I'd've learned that lesson (over and over again...that's why I had to establish rulez for pete's sake!). 
But, noooo, I backpedaled and used everything in the book to justify keeping it (just like in the old pre-closet purge days hahaha)...excuses, rationalizations, it was on sale!, the old "rulez are meant to be broken" thang, etc. 
Until I found this Chico's batik scarf at a charity thrift store for $3.  It has all the elements of the VC blouse that I loved for giving the jacket a more casual feel...denim friendly, breezy, and a little bit of interest.  I originally wore the jacket with a white tee, but didn't like the white next to the off-white, so I bought the VC, took a pic and put the outfit away for next spring (this linen jacket is the only transitional piece that I won't wear in the fall 'cuz...linen)...thereby breaking a third rule: 
(3) don't buy items too far out from the season in which you'll wear it I don't care how discounted it might not fit next season or you might not like it as much or you might find something better.  
Yeah, like this cool scarf!
Original pic with VC blouse (BTW, I think these Jack Rogers knockoff sandals look too summery for this transitional outfit)...
For cooler weather...white 3/4 sleeve v-neck tee (go figure!)...scarf...long AG Harpers...Eileen Fisher peep-toe sandal...
For warmer weather...light gray ribbed Faded Glory thrifted tank...scarf...cropped AG Harpers...Converse Jacks...
I'm having too much fashion fun!   Hope you have a wonderful day!



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Re: I gave up on jackets too soon...

That scarf! Love the look and the $3 score at thrift. 

I have quite the collection of older Chico's scarves, but not that beauty.