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Have you noticed that the shipping charges for fashion are creeping up from $3.50 to $5.50!!! I am seeing it a lot on the Fall Fashion Days today.  $2 is quite a jump especially since the shipping time is longer than ever. And don't get me started on how much they charge to mail a pair of shoes lately. 

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Yes, I have noticed. I am done buying fashion at QVC. I liked Isaac and Denim and Co. but can find really nice fashions elsewhere.

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Re: Have you noticed ...

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I called to get a new  remote for my cable TV as mine no longer worked. They were going to charge me $15.00 to ship it. They in the end waived the fee,  which I appreciated.

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I don't think the shipping fee of 3.50 or 5.50 is bad.  If I really want an item, this fee will not stop me from making a purchase.  

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I don't find QVC shipping charges any higher than a lot of other retailers.  Some places offer free shipping over a certain amount but on average it's about the same.




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did you see dooney & bourke  23.00 shipping to me in NM ?  

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I have noticed that as fall/winter items come in that a few shipping charges have risen, but I haven't noticed a change on anything light or small.


As for total shipping handling prices -- it's 

not just weight that determines costs.  I wanted to send an oblong piece of an old sign to friends.  It was maybe a foot by a foot and a half and weighed about a pound.  It was old and rusty, but had sentimental value to them.  UPS wanted just under $73.00 to pack and ship it!  According to the clerk, any time a package varies from standard sizes, there's an up charge.   (We found another way to send the sign)

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With the price of gas now I can't even drive to the store and back for less than what their shipping charges are. Plus driving a car anywhere will put wear and tear on it which costs more. I'm happy to pay for shipping instead and live to tell about it.

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This is probably in anticipation of the rising shipping costs coming in October from all the major shipping companies. It might be just temporary, since the rise in shipping costs is just temporary for the shipping companies. They claim they will end the raise in December. I don't know...

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Well, this is exactly what the Q wants to hear. I would rather pay a flat rate or at least a graduated rate than $5.50 per item. Also perhaps if the time it takes to get out of the warehouse would be faster, it would get here sooner and I could justify it easier. But  I think the higer rates will make me pause before hitting that button. For me I think I will look at other sites for my shopping more often.