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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the decline of the GILI line since Lisa Robertson first introduced it? The clothes used to be classy and classic. Now they're flimsey and cheap looking and the prices are ridiculous....WAAAAAAAAY over priced.....WAAAAAAY QVC pleasee bring back the quality and class!!

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I have purchased GILI from Lisa Robertson and also Jill Martin. I see no difference or decline demonstrated with my purchases.

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I can't speak to the current quality as there is nothing that has interested me from this brand for a very long time.  

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I see no difference in GILI's "class" -- then versus now.


GILI has a slower roll-out of new items, but I'm OK with that.  To me, they are at least better than the too-fitted, pseudo-Madison Avenue items that were once presented [and I never purchased].  


I have some newer GILI items that I've received many compliments -- jean jacket, wide-leg pants, and two bathing suit duster cover-ups. 


But that's about all I do own of GILI.  It's still not one of my top brands on QVC, but it never was. 

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I was never interested in anything this line offered, from the very beginning. It is either not my style or way overpriced.  And frankly, I think the name of G.I.L.I., and yes, I know what it stands for, is rather stupid.

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Yes i do, it is awful now. It wasn't that great before, but the fabrics where quality. The stuff Jill is selling is no better than target or walmart quality.

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From LR's GILI I only remember humongo totes that you had to hang on door knobs with water bottles in them to shape them and skin tight Elvis style leather in big wide collars and a multitude of zippers......that she could never have zipped up, too tightly fitted. 

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It's definitely designed for a person whose lifestyle is very differnt from mine.

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Not a fan and for some reason I don't really enjoy Jill's presentations.    And what is up with that hooded cardigan blanket??  She looked ridiculous in that when I saw her modeling it on the daily deals show a week or so ago.  

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I definitely see it. My whole closet used to be full of G.I.L.I., all classy pieces and somewhat unique. Thankfully those pieces are still in my closet and the quality and the design are classic and chic. They'll never go out of style. However, since Jill has taken over, the stuff is cheap looking and doesn't hold up. Plus, it's just not stylish anymore either. I don't care for Jill's style. She's def cheapened the brand. I don't buy GILI anymore. They lost me. Plus, Jill doesn't seemed interested in promoting GILI. She seems too busy trying to promote herself.