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Haven't gotten anything yet but interested in some of the items. Wondered if they run true to size to maybe a little small/large?

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I've only bought a couple of his coats..........perfect Large - shoulder and arms on the mark for me.

Can't stand tight skinny cut in those areas.

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I usually purchase the jackets or coats from his line. They run tru to size but not tight. I did purchase a blouse for our dil and it ran true to her size (xl) I didn't find the sleeves too tight or short for the sizes that I order. Hope this helps you.

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I have several of Dennis Basso coats all in my normal size of small. Most recent purchase A392453 the 4 pocket safari trench in blackberry size small. The fit is perfect and extremely well made plus it was on sale.

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I've purchased 2 coats

I'm often between sizes so I purchased the bigger size because I knew I would be wearing multiple layers under it.   It was too big.


I would say maybe true, but generous


I prefer number sizing to S M L, etc

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Re: Dennis Basso sizing

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I have found the sizing to be true with a slight bit of ease with clothing.


I have many of his coats and my regular size is comfortable with sweaters on.

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His coats fit me fine in my usual QVC size.


I have to go down a size in his pants - they are cut for women who are curvier than me.  Lots of room through the hips if you need it.


I have wide shoulders - small bust size - and my QVC size is good fit.

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I have only the one jacket and I would call it Q true.

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THanks for the replies, appreciate it!

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 So far , slacks &  coats have been true to size.