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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

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Wow, for some reason I am surprised.  Now what will Shawnie Sue do without her buddy Gili Jill ???? LOL

I dont know , but I have and carrying today the black Roma, I still love it.  I always liked their handbags..I know I am the minority...They dont beat my Dooneys or M Kors bags but I still enjoy carrying them.

But I agree that the clothes are just way to form fitting for this body !!!!!  They never seemed to design for the every size lady....which is a shame !!!!

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I have one Gili bag that is very pretty, but not as durable as my Dooney bags.  It's hanging in my closet and I may sell it on Ebay or donate it to Goodwill.  I continue to carry Dooney's because they last forever - and have a great classic look.

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I liked a couple of the earlier bags. Rarely did any of the clothes catch my interest. There were one or two pieces (nothing camo, for sure, and not the obi...) but never saw much that rocked my world.

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@lolakimono wrote:

Do a search of the fashion items under G.I.L.I. 


Then sort by price, from low to high.


Almost all of the items and the first four pages are clearance prices and/or offered with easy pays.


Very telling, IMO.



It would be good if they discontinued that line....all too tight, mismatched (nothing to go with the next piece of clothing) belt..ugh....totally too tight faux leather

jackets with asymetrical zips EVERYWHERE...that big 

blanket thing a while back..huh?? is time

to say good bye and cut their loses.......hope they don't go for another line w/JM.....

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Huh?  I think OP is seeing what she wants to see.  Sort by price?  Why?  If you sort by NEWEST, what you see is many, many new items and you will see a lot of relatively new items.  If a brand is teetering on the edge, you don't see New items and QVC doesn't give that brand any air time.  That's not the case with Gili.  Not to mention that Gili is a QVC house brand, they wouldn't discontinue Gili if it was under performing.  They would just tweak the merchandise to attract more customers.  Like they did when LR left.  Originally, it was a brand of  items  inspired by expensive designer merchandise.  They dropped that when Jill became the face of Gili.    

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Never bought anything from the GILI brand. I think it is a difficult sell for the Q to market an in-house brand of theirs as “designer inspired higher quality” justifying a higher price. IMO some buyers might be willing to pay a higher price for an outside top quality brand that is not owned by the Q. 

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Haven't been here in a while - just took a look.


All I can say is eeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwwww.  Yuk.


The line looks like it got hit by the Susan Graver stick.


What's up with those hideous polyester pieces?  That mauve and black pants horror?


Jet set?  And peached whatever dresses that look like something crafted from a 

Simplicity pattern by an eighth grader?


The line is just plain ugly now.

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@Favorite Son, hi girl, I've missed seeing you post. Hope all is well with you and your family.
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I don't think you can sell a high-end designer line of clothing on a TV channel network.  Women who buy designer clothing go to high-end department stores.  You cannot sell this to a mass audience.  The prices are outrageous for the quality.  Whoever thought all that scuba stuff would be high end?  Would you wear that to see a play on Broadway or the symphony?  I hardly think so.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

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I took a look at the so called new items and there was an obi belt labeled as new so there you have it. 


In addition, Qvc will continue to label something new even though it has already been presented on pm style a week or two earlier complete with reviews.  Gili, however is not the only brand at Qvc who does this.


When you click onto the "New" button every single day, savvy shoppers know what is really new and what has already been shown, tried on and returned.  


I forgot one thing.....when a new color is introduced the product is sometimes labled as new.