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G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

Do a search of the fashion items under G.I.L.I. 


Then sort by price, from low to high.


Almost all of the items and the first four pages are clearance prices and/or offered with easy pays.


Very telling, IMO.



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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

It's been obvious to a very long time. Long overdue IMO.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

As far as my shopping goes, when Lisa R. left the brand took a nose dive. Lisa had good taste and her items sold out
The last GILI item I bought was a white leather jacket
made from strips of leather.
Judging from the jacket's air date, and time required to manufacture, it was probably a design Lisa worked with.
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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

The first item Lisa presented for Gili was a Roma HUGE handbag. There were lots of complaints about quality issues. But they kept right on selling them.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

Actually, I think the first bags were the large and medium Roma, which were fine. The quality issues ensued with the introduction of the Roma II, which was a reinvention of the 'medium' bag. The Roma II had several incarnations one of which was to address the peeling and cracking some experienced with the leather that held the rings that connected the straps to the bag.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

Not important what you think of LR, but the line hasn't been the same without her.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

You may be right.  Usually clearance for OVC is $5.00 off.  I've never seen these kind of markdowns.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

All I can say is GOOD!  High prices on cheap fabrics and leathers on their handbags.  I can do better elsewhere.  Plus it definitely was not my style.  Cat Happy

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

As my memory serves, the fashion side of GILI was never very good, with Lisa or without her.  The handbags drove this line for QVC and made it different and interesting.  Lisa sold those bags very well, even though her later generations of them were sub-par in quality.  Then they were made bigger and bigger, and priced them as if they were Gucci.  Big mistake; to this day the GILI brand is known only to QVC, it'll never be a luxury brand like it tried to be. 


The fashions were always designed to be very, very fitted clothing, just like Lisa liked to wear her own clothes.  It really was a Lisa-influenced brand.  There were many negative reviews on the fashion.  How many happy sales could they have made with those tight scuba dresses and scuba skirts?  I think Lisa sold it better than Jill Martin, but the fashions were no better back then.


It's probably time to let that line go completely.  The Obi belt and camo everything is just not going to survive for long.  They were in a no-win battle when they decided to not rename the brand entirely after Lisa left.

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Re: G.I.L.I on the Way Out?

Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Obie belts right here!  Step right up!  Get 'em before they're gone!  When They're gone, they're gone!  Step right up!  Hurry...!