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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

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Good Morning! This week's favorites of mine are #7 and #14. I love classic dressing. What I also like is the cut and fit of each piece. They all are well proportioned for each model. (I don't care for the super-oversized "like I'mswimming in fabric" look on most people.) The little girl near the swing is adorable ☺️ 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

@MacDuFF @Good morning! I love the dress #1, love the edges. Love number 3 and 14. I adore blazers! I wear them quite often! The little girl in 10 just adorable! Thanks again for sharing!

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

Absolutely love #14! Definitely my style. Love a good striped top, blazer, and those pants. 

I could replicate #3, but I’m not sure if I would put my black blazer with light wash jeans. 

I like #7, but I couldn’t wear those shoes. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

Interesting collection. Unless they are full length dress pants,  I'm not a fan of high heels with pants. My 2 favorites are the knit dress with vest, (do not like fringe hanging from a purse) and the khaki suit. (not the shoes)


Recently I read, Meghan Markle wears her heels 2 sizes big so they do not hurt her heat.  How do you walking in shoes that are too big?  Even if I have shoes a half size too big, they flop and I must curl my toes to keep them from flopping.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

Is it Sunday again, already?  Glad to have something happy to fill my mind with for awhile.  


The dress in #1 is cute (not the shoulder puckering), but it would be a lot of material to contend with.  Love the sandals.


Love the look of #3.  The blazer is great and I am pretending that she is rocking a long boot cut jean. Woman Wink


If #4 was just a top, I would have to take it in dressing room to try it on.  I don't like tiered skirts.  Again, too much material.


#6 is nice except for the pant length.  I don't care for those sandals, but another style could work.  I love the shirt under the jacket....slouchy, but oh, sooo cool looking.


#10 is the only way I like to see rolled up pants with the ankle showing.


#11 is my favorite, too.  The jeans would have to be a bit longer, but the distressing isn't bothering me like it usually does.  They look like your dad jeans or my men's Levis 501 button fly.......and yes they are 100% cotton.  So glad I didn't get rid of them in a fit of purging......LOL


#14 has @wilma 's name all over it. I like everything about this outfit except the striped top under the blazer.  I know that striped T's are popular, but I would never buy or wear one.  They remind me of shirts that little kids wear.  I know, I am closed minded to a fault.  One advantage: knowing what I like limits what I can find to buy. Woman Tongue


The girl in #15 looks like she ran out of the house in her husband's sweater, her kid's pants, and grandmother's shoes.  Sorry if I offend anyone who has a different opinion.


Well, you pulled off another great edition of Fashion Favorites.  May my subscription never run out or get cut off for editorial comments. Woman Wink






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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

#11 is my favorite.  Although I love the shoes, I could NEVER wear them.  #14 is a close second.  I'm not one for a clutch purse and those shoes don't look comfortable to me so I'd switch to a purse with a handle and/or shoulder strap and more comfortable shoes.  I'd probably stay with the same color though.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...


Hi @MacDuFF 


fun looks!


#3  i've worn this look with slim black jeans. i have an almost identical charcoal blazer with stitched zuzshed up sleeves -  it's a less staid look which like for showing off my bold artisan silver cuffs.  i have a crisp white shirt w/ pintucked ruffles.    i don't care for the tote handbag with this example though - it looks too beachy.


#11  nice everyday style - i have a couple black tees rather than collared shirt. would wear w / camo athleisure slip ons 



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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...

I liked every single one of them but not as crazy about #5 as the rest.  It looks hot and clingy but I love all the others.


I had a very similar outfit in the early 1990s.  I wore with a beige tank top, a silk fuschia colored cummerbund and red pumps.  Yes, all crazy colors but it looks so edgy.  I could wear edgy then with my red hair.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 6/4/22)...



Hello, my favorite Fashionista!  LOL.  # 9 is so right for you and really reminds me of your style.  I also like the pink puffed sleeve blouse in #13.  I love this color pink.  You have represented this color wonderfully this season.  #14 gives me a Ralph Lauren kind of vibe.  Simple, clean and classic


Would you call it a Fuschia or a hot pink?  I think I'm biased towards this color because it was one of my wedding colors years and years ago.


I hope you are enjoying your Summer.

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