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Dillards Is Taking Markdowns

I was able to pick up 4 pieces I wanted with a 40% cut.


I like that they notify you when an item on your list gets reduced.

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Re: Dillards Is Taking Markdowns


Thanks for the heads up. I haven't been inside my local Dillard's since before COVID hit; over 2 years. I've been wanting to go check out their clothes, especially dresses, and their shoes & handbags. Sounds like this week might be a good time to go. 

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Re: Dillards Is Taking Markdowns

We live close to a Dillard's store and my favorite place to shop. That's where I get my Clinique products.


Yes it's nice when their sale prices jump from 40% to 65% and we're notified.  I purchase several pajama sets at that time.

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Re: Dillards Is Taking Markdowns

Thank you for the info!  I am starting the search for a formal dress for my nephew's wedding in October. It is so hard to find something appropriate, given I am in my 60s. My go-to stores in the past were always Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom. I will try Dillards. I don't have one near me, but they have a fab website.  Happy Friday all!