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Re: Center Seams

I don't think I have a strong feeling either way.  I guess it depends on the sweater.  I like the one pictured, but I think that turtleneck would strangle me.

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Re: Center Seams

@Peaches McPhee wrote:

I am indifferent to a center seam on a sweater, but I LOATH a center seam on pants (ie, down the front of each leg).  LOATH it.  

@Peaches McPhee   I was just going to say the same thing!  I just find those seams on the front of pant legs so annoying & uncomfortable!

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Re: Center Seams

@haddon9I agree with you and the other poster about pant seams . They look alright , but for some reason annoy me.Smiley Frustrated


As far as front seams on tops  I can take it or leave it. I think they make a slight difference in making a slimmer look . I do not think any one will ask 'have you lost weight /are you eating enough' / etc. Smiley Very Happy  because of it . 

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Re: Center Seams

Not really a fan of center vertical seams on tops or sweaters. Makes the garment look unfinished or inside out IMO. Definitely prefer a clean front. Love a permanent center seam on pants legs for a long vertical line! 

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Re: Center Seams

It doesn't bother me for one piece but I would not buy several sweaters with this feature.