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I have several beautiful caftans which I use as a robe or over my swim suit at the beach house.

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For me caftans are very uncomfortable and there is way too much material to get in my way - no matter what.  I have really never seen anyone out in public wearing one though. 

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I have two Joan Rivers caftans and four from Stan Herman.

I have two more, one is from Morocco. I only wear them at home

and on my porch.


When I was performing Middle Eastern dance, I would wear one

over my dance costume, when not on stage, before and after performances.

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Personally, I've never owned a caftan, but I wiould only wear one at home.

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I have a few from Soft Surroundings.  I wear them over my bathing suit when we are on vacation at a nice resort.

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I bought two cheap ones from ShopLC last summer.  When our heat wave hit, that's all I wore for a couple weeks.  At home, I mean.

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I think caftans are nice, comfy picks for the warm weather months but I wouldn't wear them out.  They are nice for casual gatherings at home or just to lounge in and feel cool and put together.  

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Re: Caftan Question....

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Just like a dress, there are fancy ones, dressy ones, casual ones, short or long ones. Caftans come in all sorts of them. Yes, you can wear them out if you choose the right one for the occasion.


One of my neighbors is from West Africa. She has some of the most beautiful caftans I have ever seen. 

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I like caftans, but not the overly "big" ones.  I bought the Barefoot Dreams 'caftan dress" ( a couple years ago?)  and wear it with a Marla Wynn topper.  I always get compliments on that look and it is comfortable and flowy.  I agree that where you wear a caftan depends on several factors and is a personal decision.  I don't wear a lot of dresses at home (I live on a small farm) so what I have I tend to wear "out and about".  

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I bought a couple but never have worn them.  They are beautiful though.  I think I am not a caftan person.  They are too thin to be warm in winter.  Too much fabric in summer.