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I lost 70 lbs a few years ago and I can honestly say that pretty much everything looks decent on me now. Not saying this to brag but my body looks much better as a small than an extra arge which I used to be.

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@wagirl wrote:

@shoesnbags --Yes I have a pair of faux "girls" and have worn them but they are very heavy and do not stay against your skin so if you bend over, they fall forward and then slap back on your chest. They are very hot as well and make my shoulders hurt from their weight, plus they slide down after awhile. I have alot of experience with them. The bras have to have underwires  in the cups to support them. Now I am not talking huge triple D's but  a small B cup which is way smaller than my normal was. Plus they are very expensive and now that I am on Medicare, am not sure if that cost  would be covered. Have been reseaching the foam type too. thanks---


I've been wearing mastectomy bras for 20 years now, so I speak from some experience.  (single mastectomy) There is absolutely no reason to have to wear heavy protheses.  They come in every weight, from those heavy ones to light foam, and everywhere in between. 


Medicare pays 100% for your bras - I usually buy just 3 a year, but I think it's something like 6/year, spaced out every 6 months.  If you want a different bra than the standard one paid for by Medicare, you pay for the upgrade. I pay $15 per bra for the style that works best for me.  No underwire. 


I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  We BC gals have to stick together. Smiley Wink


ETA I wanted to comment on your other issue, but I'm not sure I understand about the falling forward and slapping back on your chest.  The prosthesis fits in the bra pocket, so the bra band holds it all against your chest.  Maybe your band was too loose? I still think that much lighter protheses would solve a lot of this. 

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@wagirl Please do as they are a great resource.  Depending on the arthritis in my fingers I can knit a few every so often.  I'm in the PNW but they have contacts all over the country & their website is very user friendly.

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@shoesnbags --- when the forms are in the pockets and I lean over or forward the whole bra comes away from my chest---there is no size/tightness  of the  band that will hold them firmly flat next  to my chest. I had a mastectomy of the bad breast first and then a few years later, had the good breast removed as it didn't make sense to me to have this blob of tissue hanging around and risk cancer again and go thru the torment of a mammogram and all that entails. Now when I had one breast, the faux boob stayed in place as there was an anchor holding it next to me.


Good to know about Medicare, as during all this I had excellent insurance that paid for everything. I went to Nordstrom and was fitted once a year for a few years. I just have to do some research.

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You're ignorant and rude.  I know I'm beautiful inside and out.  It's a proven fact that TV and clothes make people look bigger than they are.  It''s all in the design.  The average american woman is size 14 and that's not the problem.  

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Fellow bc survivor here. 6 years next week! Medicare will pay for 6 bras a year and a new prosthesis every 2 years. Find a Mastectomy place by you or go online. I have a tshirt bra by Classique  722 that has no underwires, comes in colors, and is comfortable...for awhile. It looks and feels natural but  I can't wait to take it off at the end of the day!

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@Qqueen14  I understand your frustration...but if designers made all clothes to YOUR specifications, to flatter YOU--what would the rest of us do? Maybe it was unintentional, but your post sure sounded like you want ALL clothes to flatter YOU.


I am plus-size (1X-2X), and pear-shaped. Those bottom banded, blouson shirts that you love look dreadful on me!


There are other places to shop besides QVC, and I have seen bottom banded shirts on many sites.

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Everyone would love to be a size 0 and I do struggle with weight.  BUT in the mean time i want to look femanine, pretty and thin!  I don't want designers to custom fit clothes for me.   I was hoping they could create looks to flatter our moncromatic styles.  There are tricks/techniques they can use when designing.  I always find that prints...floral..make me appear thinner and make me feel femanine...Love Kelly Ripa's designer..  So femanine and pretty.

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@Catastrophe wrote:

Too many Semi-Fit clothing offered and very few "Relaxed Fit."

Use to be more relaxed fit but not anymore.

Also, too many "Maternity Looking Tops/Blouses.

Can't wait for the tunic to be gone always way too long petIte length not always offered.

Actually a lot of relaxed fit these days unless it's jeans that'll stretch to fit anything.  That seems to be all that QVC sells.  I prefer something fitted or semi-fitted.  Relaxed fit just adds pounds and I don't need that at not quite 5'2".