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I woke up today and saw a commercial for Dream By Genie. Has anyone ordered them and did they fit good and really hold your bust up. And are they worth the money?

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It sure looks interesting.  While I have found a really good bra that works for me, if it had  convertible straps for a racerback I would try them but I cannot wear regular straps due to nerve damage.  

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I haven't seen those bras yet, I'll have to look them up.  I do own the original genie bras, I really like them.  Mostly wear them when I'm home and they are comfortable for sleeping in too.

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I am always on the lookout for a comfortable well-fitting bra.  Decided to give up on underwires since they are so uncomfortable for me.  And, yes, I've been professionally fitted and have several well-fitting Wacoal bras, but I just can't stand the wires.  I saw the commercial for Dream by Genie as well.  I'm hoping QVC will carry them at some point since they did carry the original Genie bras.  I won't order directly from the Genie website because it seems like any potential returns would be a nightmare.  Would only trust ordering from QVC.  Just recently ordered a Knixwear bra; I haven't received it yet but am hopeful that I will like it.  It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  

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I don't know about the new product ....  BUT ...


I did like the Genie bras I bought at QVC a few years ago - casual wear only.  Not good bust shaping for dressy clothes.   


But after dealing with the company - I'd never order anything from them - nor recommend them.