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I loved the color and everything about it. Can't wait to get it. Got it at Nordstrom Rack


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That's a nice jacket.  I love it too.  It's unique, but edgy and classic too.


Enjoy wearing it.

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Re: Bought a new coat

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@qvcfreak  - I love it!  I can see myself wearing it.  Hope you works out for you.   Smiley Happy

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@qvcfreak  That is a beautiful coat, I love the color too

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Re: Bought a new coat

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@qvcfreak Beautiful coat, love the style and color


No surprise that it's a Calvin Klein, I love that brand

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That color is very popular lately and its a very nice color, very neutral.

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Nice coat and color. Sometimes I wish I lived where it's colder and needed to wear a coat.

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What a great purchase. It combines a feature you usually see only in sporty jackets with a sophisticated city look.

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Love that coat (style and color).  What a great find.  Enjoy!

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Love it!