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Re: Anyone Watching Joe Zee?

Posters complain about same old, same old. I think Joe Zee's designs are new and fresh, though geared towards the younger. I enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing his designs in the future.

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Re: Anyone Watching Joe Zee?

I am happy there are those who like this fashion/style. It's not for me but we all have different tastes and I am sure my DIL would love it. Happy there is a variety of designers!!!

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Re: Anyone Watching Joe Zee?

His stuff he showed last year was better. Now everything was boxy and random.

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Re: Anyone Watching Joe Zee?

On 2/10/2015 misschristy said:
On 2/9/2015 kjae said:

txskies, I so agree with you . Don't mean to offend all of you who liked his things this morning. I turned it on for a few minutes this morning and saw the models in the long shirt with white chiffon at the bottom. The only one who looked okay was Katya-who is super tall. It made Suzanne look like an old woman. After last night's show with Lori it is just too much. Guys, Qvc is making you think their clothes are fashionable. They are not. Sorry.And so many people buy into it. Lori seems like a nice person but her clothes are not good. Beautiful colors, but expensive andthey DO make you look like a wreck.

No one makes me think things are fashionable. I have pretty good taste. I do not like LOGO though.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. LOGO looks so frumpy and not current to me.