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Does anyone have this iPhone XR and what do you think?

Tracfone has this and the iPhone 11 with Tracfone now. They are brand new and not refurbished.

I have a 6.1" Lg Tracfone Stylo 4 now and want to upgrade. All the iPhone XR has good ratings on the sites I read but we tell the truth here and I appreciate that.
I want a larger memory than what I have. I will keep the Tracfone service as it is great in our area. Never not any down time service so it is very reliable and I can transfer all my data etc.

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I own and use an iPhone XR. I have it got a lot 3 years. It is reliable and perfect for my needs. The battery holds a charge for a long time so I do not have to charge it every day. I use all of the standard apps like the calendar to keep my appointments and upcoming social times or birthday reminders, contacts list, and I can read and write from my  my gmail email address on the XR. The screen is big enough but it still fits easily in my pocket-it's not a big smartphone. 
i have a few special apps on it. One is there  to follow my glucose testing because I am a diabetic. I use FaceTime to have a video call with S friend once a week. My point is that everything works and it is compatible and synced to my iPad for extra convenience. 
iPhone XR is an hood model and I do recommend it. The iPhone 11 you have the choice of is one year newer and a little bigger. Its battery is just a little less efficient than the one on the XR, but not a deal breaker. My sister has the 11 and I've seen a lot of it. There isn't much difference. If you will keep the phone for a long time then the 11 is the newer model and less likely to get "obsolete" since the XR is one model older. Still, I certainly recommend the XR. It's flawless and easy to use. 
I can answer specific questions if you add more within this thread. Hope you like your new phone, whatever you get. 

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@MKR NY ---I don't have the XR but have the iphone 11 with the 256 memory--and I LOVE it!! I did have a moto android with tracfone--and had been a tracfone user for many years--prob 10. 

I found it very difficult to bring my iphone to tracfone and have it work properly. to the point where i was on the phone with them for a few hours trying to get it to work with them---and still there were glitches--decided to cancel tracfone,  which was another few hours on the phone with cs and went with xfinity which also had major issues with getting me out of tracfone --ended up having to change my phone numberWoman Sad. But I my opinion--Iphone is the best.

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@gizmogal @wagirl  Many thanks to you both. I like both of the iPhones and I having been weighing the price. I know I probably should just pay the extra money and get the iPhone 11 as they do get obsolete quickly sometimes.

I am waiting for my new iPad to come this week and I will pay my credit card off first. I pay it off every month and by then I will order a new iPhone. 
With Tracfone their SIM card will already be in the phone so I can just transfer my cell number and minutes over. I use the Tranfer App on each and it Transfer quickly if I don't do it through their site.

I did set up an account on their site and add the new phones my husband and I get before I Tranfer as you can Tranfer your number over quickly. 
I will post back after I order one. Really like them both.

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@MKR NY ---I brought my iphone over to tracphone----bought it from Apple. I guess I wasn't aware that tracfone has the iphones to buy so maybe that was the reason I had so much trouble--- have the Ipads too and love them as well----but just beware anyway

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I have one, you should be aware that it is by now almost  3/4 years old product


but I love my apple toys 

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I've been looking at the new Tracfones in anticipation of getting a new one over the summer/fall and I really like the Motorola Moto G Stylus. It's got 128 GBs of storage, 4 GBs of RAM, a 48 MP camera with a macro lens. It's currently selling for around $200 on the two home shopping channels with a year's service, but that's pretty much their "normal" price for it and one or both will likely mark it down to $149-$169 at some point. QVC has it at around $189 on sale and HSN has it with free shipping now, but I suspect we'll see a bigger reduction at some point. I've got it favorited on both sites and Honey is keeping an eye on it for price drops and will alert me if it goes down in price. Tracfone sells it for $199 also but without a year's service.


When compared to the iPhone XR, the Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) has better stats pretty much across the board. If you're married to Apple then the iPhone is for you, but if you're looking for the most bang for the buck, that Motorola phone is pretty tough to beat. The 128 GBs of memory, 4GBs of RAM, the 48 MP camera, a micro SD card slot, and the 6.8" screen are pretty hard to beat. For me, if I was buying a phone today, I'd go with the Motorola Moto G Stylus (the 2021 version). It's a pretty neat phone. Between now and the end of September, I'm likely to end up with one. I really like the idea of 128 GBs of memory. These lower-end phones are starting to get into higher-end territory with their specifications these days.

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I have XR amd like it.  I keep my phones a long time.  My last phone was iPhone 6+.  What I noticed about this is screen is same size but overall size is smaller than 6+.  I have had it a couple of years now.  Depending on how long you keep it, Imwould go with newest model.  S

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@gardenman you know I will be watching the boards for when you pull the trigger!  Smiley Happy

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I vote for the iPhone 12. Since you are buying a new tablet. You may want your devices to share some tech in common.


Here are some YouTube channel that might be helpful. 

Sakitech may have a review of the. iPhone 12 

Nick Ackerman has comparison and reviews of iPhones. 

Stetson Doggett does videos on data plans 


Most people buy unlocked iPhones. 


I test my data plan using a free Android app "speedtest". I aiso test the wireless speed at home with this app. 


Enjoy your new devices. 


Here is somethings to consider. 

Will the text to speech function work on an iPad Using the Tracfone network.