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I have found that once my LG phones started to say the memory was full it became a constant battle to keep freeing up space on them. No matter what I deleted or moved to my computer - there is still some of that left on the phone using up storage and it just constantly keeps saying I need to free up space. Because I don't have a phone to be aggravated by it , I find this means it is time for a new phone.

With tracfone , you can buy a new phone and get days of service, min for talk,text and data all for the same price as just buying the service without a phone. So why not buy a new phone.

Try Ccleaner to clean out cache and other accumulated debris just as one should do regularly with their computers/devices.

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Don't say "yes" (to the message), to clear storage on Tracfone.  I accidently hit it, and I can no longer find my hundreds of internal memory pictures/videos. They are somewhere, but where?


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Videos take up a lot of space.