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Does anyone know if your suppose to get paperwork for this insurance? I never received anything on the insurance.

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Re: Amazon fire 10 insurance

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Is that the SquareTrade service contract? If that's the case then all you do is go to SquareTrade dot com if you need to file a claim for your damaged tablet. Otherwise you don't need to do anything. When you bought your tablet, the service contract  transaction becomes part of the tablet purchase. When you file you will be directed to fill out their forms. It's easy. Just follow the prompts.

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Re: Amazon fire 10 insurance

If you have insurance on  it you may want to call that said company. I do know fire tablets have a warentee and Amazon replaced items for free without insurance for me.  You may go to the insuranc ewebsite. may claims are all done onlin enow as well

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Re: Amazon fire 10 insurance

I had this policy back in 2015 when I owned my old tablet.. there is no paper form of this contract. Everything is on the computer, sent though your email you have to print it out. It is called the square trade policy and it comes into effect right away. Amazon sends no statement  ever.