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My phone is old.  When it rings, I press the answer and it doesn't,  It sends text messages to everyone on my contact list that  I don,t want to get, also can,t get into my voicemail.  The phone is about three years old.  I,'ve let the minutes run down because I,m thinking of quitting this phone for a Jitterbug Senior smart phone.  


Do I call tracfone to quit or just let it run out of minutes?  What about my pictures, do I lose those?  Thank you for any help I can get.  

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@qvcaddiction  Just get another phone.  Evine just had a tracphone on this morning for $49 and there was an app to transfer everything from your old phone.

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When I get a new phone I e mail the pictures I want to keep to myself so I can store them on my computer.As for 'quitting" tracfone - when you transfer your # to your new phone I think it will end service on your old phone.