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Re: Tracfone LG Stylo 5

Hi @moonlady ...


I ran a side by side comparison of Oreo vs Pie and I like Pie much better. It even includes 150 new emojiis! And it's much more colorful and intuitive.


I've never been disappointed when upgrading a Tracfone, as long as it was from LG to LG. So I'm looking forward to my new LG Stylo 5. I'm sure Google will figure out how to fix Pie to everyone's satisfaction - and I don't want to wait another year for the next upgrade.


And - this won't cost hundreds, because it will include a year's worth of service worth around $125. So for another $100 or so I'll get exactly what I want. With the Chinese Tariff situation, you never know what another year will bring - and dogonit - I WANT MY PHONE! Cat Wink


PS - the Q needs to update its emojii collection too...