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I work from home and my old printer died.


I ordered a new one from Staples and it will arrive on Tuesday.


When I first started working from home (about 5 years ago) all I remember about setting up the printer was contacting our employer's "Help Desk" and I think it went pretty well.


My understanding of tech is so very limited.  I know just enough to get my job done.


I never had any computer classes in school (I'm too old for that), we do not have any children that can help - so I get by mostly with what I can find out by looking on-line, viewing U-Tube etc. and asking my QVC friends.


I guess I'm kinda nervous about trying to get the new printer set-up.  Can you think of any thing that I would need to know before I contact the Help Desk so that I'm "prepared"? 



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I work in IT but not with printers, I just remember the main issue was connecting to my wifi, I think things have come a long way with this stuff, you could probably find a youtube video to help you.

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@BunSnoop   It's been a few years since I had to set up my printer, but I do remember that when I had trouble connecting to my WiFi, I called BRothers for support because they were the manufacturers.  I got very accurate and patient support -  this was pre-pandemic so I don't know that they have the staff for that service now.


Let's hope your company IT or your manufacturer IT can help.

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Re: Setting Up a Printer

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@BunSnoop - You didn't say what brand or type of printer you're getting, but any of them should come with instructions on how to set up.


It's generally easy - plug in and connect to wi-fi by entering your network password (if you're getting a wireless printer).


Then add the printer as a device on your computer.  (And delete your old printer, since you won't be accessing that anymore.)  Your new printer needs to be your default printer.


We currently have a Brother Laser printer, but we had until recently an HP inkjet as well.  The only issues that ever come up are when Microsoft does an update.  Sometimes we have to download new drivers.


Good luck!


ETA:  Since you're still working from home, you should be able to get any help you need from your work "Help Desk".

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I bought my printer 6 years ago when I started working from home, we had to buy our own printers.  I bought it from Amazon and had paid $50 to have a tech come and set it up.  I thought it would be complicated but it took him 15 minutes and I could have done it myself.  I need a new one, it's beginning to act up.

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I got a new printer last month. It was easy to set up except that it wouldn't scan so I called HP and they got it staightened out for me. 

If I remember correctly I just plugged it in and followed the directions on the screen.


I'm sure it will be fine especially if you have help from your employer.

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I just went through this today.

I have an HP Instant Ink 4630 Series, its the most evil minded appliance ever.

It does what it wants, when it wants.

Today it almost got the hammer<<


Hope you didn't order that.


Just remember if all else fails, unplug it, then plug it back in.

Look on your Devices & Printers section thats a big help too.

If not, run back to staples, they are good at questions and they do make copies!


Good luck to you, I feel your pain.


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Re: Setting Up a Printer

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My HP Envy had to be installed with the disc and use the software to get it to work and scan correctly!

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Be sure to have the password for your wifi router on hand.

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@BunSnoop - Ours is wireless and was so easy to install. I used "Settings," "Devices," and clicked "Add Printer." The computer found my new printer automatically. It took me through the steps and it didn't take long. I'm not tech savvy, but dealing with my printer is something I'm comfortable with. Good luck!  Smiley Happy