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Goggle Play Store for Amazon Fire

I am tired of how few apps are available on the Amazon App Store. I know there is a way  of installing the Play Store on your Fire tablet ( I think it's called side loading). Has anyone done this, it it safe to do, what's your opinion about it?

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Re: Goggle Play Store for Amazon Fire

I've done it for an app I wanted that was not available in the Amazon store.

My Amazon Fire already had Google "pre-installed."  I just used  it's search engine to find, download & install Google Play Store.


If your AF did not come w/Google pre-installed, research on how to "side load."  Side loading is safe as long as you download from a reputable website.


I have no opinion about it.  Why would I?


FWIW I "side load" all the time using my Amazon Fire Tv sticks.

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