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Several years ago I purchased an all-in-one HP desktop computer. The purchase included Premier PC Support for the life of the computer. I used the service perhaps three times. Most recently the toll-free number is invalid and I get an error message trying to get to the website. 

I contacted QVC customer service and the agent was very nice and understanding. She checked into the problem and let me know that Premier Support is no longer in business and apologized that there wasn't anything QVC could do about it. I understand, but QVC needed to let customers know about this and further provide an alternate support system for the computers sold with Premier Support included.  Within a couple minutes I received a phone call from another QVC Customer Service agent. She explained that QVC wasn't een aware of the problem until they began to recieve customer calls about it last fall. The person I spoke to said all of QVCs calls, messages, emails etc were unanswered. Their research turned up that the company had gone through several name changes and then apparently closed with no information provided. Both service agents were professional, informative, apologetic, and understanding but basically they had no other  input regarding tech support. I was provided an HP link but it is unclear whether my computer could be grandfathered in to any tech support they offered .  

Anyone else called about this and found an alternative?

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It isn't QVC's responsibility it is HP or the Premier Support Team (if they are separate from HP) to inform customers who are part of the service that it is no longer offered.  If your computer is several years old it may not be included in the new support team model.

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QVC sold the laptop with lifetime support. They put the package together with HP. IMO they are responsible for making it right . 

 QVC always brags on air that they put together the best deals for their customers.It's not a good deal if contracts are voided because a partner goes out of business. QVC needs to make this right, period.


 I would take this matter to corporate.

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@Shiloh09   "I was provided an HP link but it is unclear whether my computer could be grandfathered in to any tech support they offered ."

CALL HP support.  Ask to speak w/a supervisor or a manager.  Explain to them exactly what you fonted in your posting.




Suggest you send an email to:

Include your ORDER NUMBER in the email.  The  MODS/Social team will sort this out for you if they can.




BestBuy has a membership type subscription plan called Totaltech.  You can either research it online or go directly to your local BestBuy store & have the store manager explain it to you.




Reserch insurance service plans for electronics that includes computers that will take care of "out of warranty" issues.




Snail mail a complaint letter to QVC corporate office as was mentioned previously.

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