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The reviews for the Moto G6 (and G7) are all over the place. It seems like 80% get a good one and love it. It seems like 20% get a bad one and have nothing but trouble with it. The professional reviewers tend to love them, but consumers are more mixed. I gave them a lot of consideration, but opted for the LG Premiere Pro. The mixed reviews were part of the decision making process.

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The bottom Line is QVC is going to eat the cost. I ordered a replacement and if it will not work guess who gets them both back. Yes, it makes a difference who makes the actual phone, never have had any issues with my LG models. Motorola has some nice features like touch and big screen but first and foremost it must take calls, such a no brainer. Tracfones have been for the most part a good experience. You use them and return them if need be to keep covered. Once you get a good one, its like paydirt. Once you have a bad experience it takes awhile to feel safe again.

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The bottom line is their purchasing agents are professionals and should not be buying obsolete trouble-riddled models.  I never sent my first Tracfone back because I assumed the not-answering problem was MY fault.  No wonder they can sell them so cheap.

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The nice thing with Tracfone is you can be your own purchasing agent and use their Bring Your Own Phone program. There are lots of unlocked phones available to buy that work on the Tracfone service, so you have pretty much unlimited phone choice. Most Tracfone customers are looking to save money, so the phones Tracfone sells tend not to be the $1200 ultra-high-end models. If you have to have one, you can buy it elsewhere and bring it to Tracfone though.

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I'm on my 3rd Tracfone Smartphone over the last 5 years.  The first 2 were LG and the most recent is Motorola Moto e5 5.7" 16GB Tracfone from HSN. (last March)


I guess I'm lucky; I have never had a problem with any of them.

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I'm on my3rd one.  I liked the LG Premier but I do not like the Samsung G7. 


It's the Samsung part and not the Tracfone service! 

Not nearly as easy as the LG.  Always more steps to accomplish the same action!  Hate the texting images!  No easy "thumbs up" to use!

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I bought the Moto G6 here at the Q and, knock wood, it's been a good phone so far. What I've really liked about it is that contrary to the TracFone "no updating" policy, Motorola has actually updated the phone's operating system from Android Oreo to Android Pie, AND they have applied Android security updates, which never happened on my prior LG phone.

Comparing the LG and Motorola phones, I think that the LG is a bit more user friendly due to its pre-loaded software. The Settings were displayed in a more granular fashion, while the Moto requires the user to do a bit more digging. The LG came with its proprietary QuickMemo+ and keyboard software, not to mention being able to have quick links to certain folders directly that the Moto doesn't allow.

It's a learning curve, but the 32GB memory, sharper screen resolution, and better sound makes the Moto a good deal for me.

This is my 3rd or 4th TracFone over the years, and I've been very happy with their service. I haven't had any problem switching to a new phone - all my minutes, data, and text amounts have transferred correctly.
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I also have the same phone you do....I also allowed the upgrade and security far no problems at all with it!


My last tracfone was also a LG  but needed to update it as Verizon would no longer support it on their updating towers.

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