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I was watching the QVC Dyson cordless vac presentation this morning for the V11 that I am considering (I have an exotic shorthair cat that sheds like crazy and I like the no tangle feature on the Dyson).  QVC is charging $499 something for it with the extra tools.  I just got a notification from HSN they are having a pre-sale on the V11 with 6 tools for $389.99.  Just a heads up before you buy from the Q.  This would be the second time I can remember HSN outpricing the Q - the other one being the Ninja outdoor cooker that I bought from the Q - HSN offered it the next day for the same price but with the flat plate that did not come with the Q's (I had to pay $35.00 extra to get one).  

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@Longtimewatcher    Almost everything we buy will vary in price on some different day.  I'd say you should feel fortunate HSN send out a pre-announcement before you bought elsewhere.