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Re: Blink WiFi Security Cameras

So my friend came over this morning and hooked up even more Blink cameras for me.


That brings it up to 10 she said!  Yepper!  I'm wired (along with ADT in the house) up the wazoo!


I live on 1 acre lots surrounded by woods.  My driveway is around 200 ft long.


Lately, a few times cars have come up my driveway and turned around.


The cameras pick them up.  There's no reason for them to come that far up the driveway like that.


Recently, I send out a copy of the car coming up the driveway late at night to all three of my daughters.


So the Florida daughter said to the other two, "Why are you guys not upset about someone coming up Mom's driveway".


The other two texted her back and said, "Mom has so many Blink cameras and lights around her driveway and house it could probably be seen from space".


Anyway, to the person who wanted to know if it's worth it.  I'd say (my opinion) definitely.  I had the ring videos and I hated the way I kept getting requests to sign up neighborhood something.  


I finally took them down, sent them back.  I'll stick to my Blink cameras, thank you.


My friend that put up these last 3 said she has 6 around her house.  I started her 'addiction' by giving her one...then she added to it.


I started my daughter's addiction, but she stopped at 2....Ha!

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Re: Blink WiFi Security Cameras

We have 4 Blink cameras set up outside - they work great.

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Re: Blink WiFi Security Cameras

You don't have to put them up high and you don't need a smart phone to use these. I have them outside at shoulder level and they do what I want. You do need either a smart phone or a tablet. If you have neither they definitely aren't for you. Hope this helps. By the way, the customer support is fabulous--they will patiently lead you through set up and any problems you have. When you phone Blink they ask if you are a QVC customer and if so, they put you right through to a human.

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Re: Blink WiFi Security Cameras

You can change the duration of movement in the settings field. I'm VERY happy with them and the customer support people. 

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Re: Blink WiFi Security Cameras

@greeneyedlady , thanks for posting.  I have Ring doorbell.  I like it.  I am looking for cameras for the back yard.  LM