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I lived in a city in Northern Ca that had two Apple stores within a 15 miles radius of one another. I have been using Apple products for over 20 years now and will not even entertain the thought of going back to Windows, or any android phones. I have bought products both from the stores and from their online Apple Store. I have even called and spoke with an APPLE  representative if I had questions that then online store did not answer from their ordering site. I have sent in trade in and received refunds on that apple computer or ipad and had that money applied to the purchase of the new product. Using Apple wallet as a form of payment is ideal because of its interest free payment as long as you make your payments on time, for 12 months. I have absolutely no hesitations to buying on line or over the phone with one of their representatives from Apple. Many times, I will go to the Apple Store, look at the product Im interested in, ask questions if needed, and then go home and order it online. So many times I have gone into the store to first look at the product Im interested in, and at times the store is so busy, get a good look at the product and hands on, then go home and order it online . Now, we just recently moved from that Northern Ca area to Billings , Mt and boy do I miss not having an APPLE STORE!! Sooooo, I go to Best Buy, and do the same, just ordered my new MacBook Pro online from Apple after going to BB. MJ