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What do you use it for and do you like it? TIA

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

Yes- I have a toshiba chromebook. I have had it about 2 months. It replaced my HP laptop that I loved, but died. For the most part I LOVE IT.

Here are the pros and cons...


Boots up in seconds

Super long battery life

Great screen

No windows 8

Very fast

Perfect for facebook/email/pinterest/surfing the web

Very lightweight


No anti virus needed


Took awhile to get use to the keyboard- still fumble with it a bit

No right click for cutting and pasting (there are ways to do it but not as easily)

Not easy to print (again there are ways to do it, it's just harder)

Can't figure out how to download movies from my Amazon Prime

I'm sure there are more pros and cons but those are what came to mind. If you are looking for a low cost device to do basic things like checking email and facebook, surfing the web and online shopping this is a really great device.

I did quite a bit of research before landing on the toshiba- I choose it because of it's superior screen - really crisp and clean. Also went for the larger hard drive- it wasn't much more and worth it for me.

Good luck.

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

I have an HP chromebook - i only use it for e mail and getting on the internet and Facebook. It is great for those needs.

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

I have an HP Chromebook since last spring and love it. I use it for FB, web, emails, downloading photos from my camera. As far as printing, I have an Epson (not new) and it's wifi, but I have to turn my regular laptop on to print. Not a big deal. I love the Chromebook and would definitely buy it again.

I'm on the internet within 10 seconds and love not needing virus protection. I also do all my banking with it.

For the price, you can't go wrong.

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

LOVE IT! I have no problem printing but the print set up was a little difficult.I have the small one and it goes everywhere I go.Ihave dropped it a million times and still perfect.

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

I have an HP 14" Chromebook with T Mobile access and love it. I set it up for wireless printing with my HP Office Jet printer. That was a pain, but now it works flawlessly. While you can't load programs on it, I do access basic versions of Word and Excel with my Microsoft One Drive and also frequently use Google Docs. I still have a Macbook Pro for any intensive work I might have, but I seldom need to use it.

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Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

Thanks all! Am considering one of these in the new year and really appreciate the feed back!