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All Email Is Going To Junk Mail

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I am using a MacBook Air with Safari.  I use Apple's Mail and have an iCloud e-mail account.  All of my iCloud e-mail has started going to junk mail.  I've been adding everyone to my contacts, but they are still going there.  For instance I've gotten more than one e-mail from NextDoor today.  I added the first one to my contacts, and the second one still went to Junk.  I've Googled this and that's what it said to do.  


What else can I do?  Ths is irritating.  I could also prevent any e-mails from going to Junk mail but want to try everything else first.


I also have a Comcast account that comes in through Mail, too.  Those e-mails are not going to Junk, so it's just iCloud e-mails.  This just started today.


Edited to say:  After adding all e-mails to my contact list today since they were going to Junk mail, the problem seems to have resolved itself at 6:30 p.m.  I'm now getting my e-mails in my regular way.

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Re: All Email Is Going To Junk Mail

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@NickNack , the same thing has been happening on my IPad. I installed the most recent update and that seems to have messed with my mail boxes. Hate it! I have been searching the web trying to find a solution. Guess I’m going to have to contact Apple support.   

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Re: All Email Is Going To Junk Mail

Since iOS 13.1 is coming out on Tuesday, 9/24, I'm waiting until then to update my iPhone.