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online ordering

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After several years I can no longer add anything to my cart to order.  I now have to call customer service to order anything.  I have two accounts here, one with a Q card and one with a bank card.  Never had a problem until I got the Qcard so what's up?

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Why two accounts? That is silly. All you have yo do is add cards to one original account and choose which card you want to use on any order you place.


I have one account with 4 methods of payment.


If you have to call to place an order I would wager to bet they have your account flagged to combine your account into one account number. Two account numbers is probably messing up their computer system.



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You shouldn't have two accounts.  You can have multiple payment methods on one account.  You click the one you want to use.  That is why your account is flagged.  Customer service will merge your accounts for you.

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@ozark shopper  I one time had two accounts for some od started messing up with my orders too. Call CS and request that they close one of the accounts.