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Totally fed up with billing issues

I agree that there is something seriously wrong with "in process" when I check my bank balance.  When you call Customer Service, all you get are scripts which they are given if not rudeness.  If QVC really wants their money, why is there a hold on the iterms you are trying to pay, particularly with Easy Pay, for days on end?  Has anyone noticed that QVC is under a new subsidiary?  Never mind if QVC makes an error and when you call about it, it's the same old story.  They take their time refunding the money they took out of your account and it's on hold.  These holds are messing up my bank account.  They state that it is up to the bank to release the hold, but when you call the bank, they say you have to contact QVC.  Bank of America does not have any control over the actions of QVC.  They show no release of any monies either to QVC or back to me  QVC has not submitted the payments to the banks, plain and simple.  These are unethical practices




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Re: Totally fed up with billing issues

I have totally stopped shopping QVC because I've had so much trouble paying my bill..

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Re: Totally fed up with billing issues

@Whitney400.  I make several purchases a week and have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.  I have no problem with my account.  You are ranting but vague as to what your problem is.

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Re: Totally fed up with billing issues

I hope you are using a credit card for purchases and not allowing them to take money from your bank account. You just set yourself up for all kinds of problems with time payments. Even with credit card payments HSN and QVC may bill you twice in one month for easy pay items just depends on when your first purchase was and when your credit card ends billing for the month. I think HSN warns you this could happen though.

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Re: Totally fed up with billing issues

Don't have a clue what you're talking about.

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Re: Totally fed up with billing issues

I could be wrong but it sounds as though Whitney is using her debit card as a credit card. Yes, the money is tied up forever and yes, it plays havoc with your account. This is why I opened a Q-Card.