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Is the site experiencing glitches again?

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Its a constant adventure; everyday a new glitch.  It's ongoing.

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Usually, everyday.  Yesterday I was told QVC couldn't give me my order status and wish list.    


I've never seen such a glitchy website.  

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I tried to e-mail QVC and Send kept going round and round and not being sent.  Tried again a couple hours later and was able to send.  Not sure if QVC's address was overwhelmed or the problem was on my end.  


I still don't like the Program Guide constantly changing the time zone.  It is getting aggravating and something that should be easy enough to correct.

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This site is a jaw-droppingly bad joke. 


Although it took me hours, I was able to fix multiple problems myself with no help at all from the Q except for an unsigned "too bad, so sad, clear your cookies" canned response...and I don't care about the loss of my ranking, post count, posts, and picture album. 


Thankfully, I was able to use the same avatar I've had for's me, MacDuff, MacDUFF, and now, MacDuFF.  I'm running out of upper/lowercase combinations of my screen name!


Other than that, I can't post exactly what I think of the ongoing website problems or of the people who run it.


Carry on.