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I placed 2 orders (3 small items total), and all three were shipped in the same package.  I called CS to see if I could be credited for 2 of them . . a whopping $7, and 2 separate reps told me NO.  They explained that because the shipping charges were already "low", it will not be allowed.  Really?  QVC just keeps getting richer while the rest of us pay up the ...  I've already found SO many things they sell at Amazon and other venues that have free shipping and returns, so I'll just keep giving others my business.  Thanks for nothing, Q.


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@jugtown Sounds like you've solved your problem.

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Please remember that it is not just shipping, it is shipping and handling -- all the people in the warehouse have to be paid too.  Sure, other companies have that too, but it is surely built into the cost of the item.  I ship things almost every day, and it is not cheap.  $3.50 for most items is reasonable to me.  Thankfully, since you don't like it, you have other places to shop.

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There have been times when I purchased clothes, 4 items in one package.  $14.00 for shipping.  Not worth buying clothes at buy more and save when they don't discoutn shipping


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Why did you order the items?

QVC clearly posts their terms including shipping fees so it should not be such a surprise...

The only time I’ve questioned S&H was at time of ordering from on air which said shipping was free and yet it charged my order at confirmation so when I questioned it they claimed was a replay on air and I had them cancel that particular order. Now I know and I pay closer attention. I get it and I decide.

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You knew the shipping charges upfront & placed the Sometimes items are shipped separately & sometimes they're shipped in the same's nothing new & you got what you paid for.

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HSN has been having a "clearance" sale. I ordered 2 items that were in my wish list.  I would have ordered more  but at $3.50 an item s/h I didn't.  Also there was an item that was $21.95, not on sale, but the s/h was $5.50???!!  Now if they had a minimum order of $50 and free shipping, I would have bought more.  Bottom line, buyer beware and it's your choice.



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I ordered 2 of the same thing from Q at $24 each.  Last week saw the same item at the drug store for $17.  Kicked myself all the way home.

In fact I see many of ITKWD 'great' the drug store.  Less $ and I can carry it home.


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 I believe it is called "shipping and handling" or "S/H," in which case, they had to handle all three of your items, not just one. It's not just the postage; it is the handling/processing that you pay for, unless you are getting FREE S/H.


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You missed my point . . yikes

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