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What is UP QVC. Out of all the online vendors you've been the most delayed. And the frustrating part is, you LOCK UP the order by immediately putting it "In Process" so you can't make any changes to it...but there it sits for days upon days upon weeks.


I get that good help is hard to find these days but still...other companies are shipping right away!~get it together. OR...don't tie up my order "In Process" until you are actually processing case I want to cancel or change.

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I completely agree with this. QVC should allow a “buyer’s remorse “ period of time and not say they’re processing the order as soon as you place your order.  This just doesn’t seem like good customer service. 

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Yours is one of the most common complaints; however, not to be rude, you are wasting your breath.  


It's been hit or miss for me.  Some process in good time, others not at all.  


If you need something now, best to shop elsewhere.  

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I know this is not the norm, but I purchased Rachel Ray cookware on Friday, it was shipped on Saturday, and I got it today thru UPS. Didn't ask for UPS, but that is how it came. Very surprised and happy.


Except for the shipment of the cookware, the shipping for my things are much better than around 5-6 months ago. I see a positive change.

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@World Traveler    Your cookbook was undoubtedly vendor shipped. 

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@Kachina624 You could be right on that. The cookware came in the Rachel Ray box, not a QVC box with her box inside.