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I want to order J349843, the Byzantine ring, but I wear a size 5 1/2.  Would you think the 6 would fit w/out slipping around?  Thank you.  It is on the LTS for today.

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I'm not an expert but I own & wear many rings.

I always suggest to size up if you are in-between

You would think ring sizing is a perfect science but it's not.   That 6 may fit better than you think.  Particularly with a somewhat wide band

Also there are all kinds of  inserts you can buy to  put in the ring to make it fit better if it is big

You can find them anywhere that has a jewelry department or at a jewelry store.


ring snuggy.jpeg



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@patriot.  The band on that ring is not wide but it does appear to be thicker than average, as Byzantines usually are.  That takes up room on the finger, so a size 6 ought to be fine.

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@patriot   What a pretty ring!  I wear around a 4.5 & order a 5 when it's available so I know how you feel about the half size.  Sometimes I've not been able to find a ring "snuggie" that fits around a thicker band but Amazon sells products that reduce ring sizes other than the snuggie.