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Someone needs to tell Alberti that these are NOT fully cooked.  On Thurs 1-13 Gourmet Holiday he stated that they are fully cooked.


I just received the bites and it clearly states to cook them to 165 deg and they are NOT fully cooked.


Sometimes Alberti gets carried away with false enthusiasm and gives the wrong info.

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Re: Rastelli's Chicken Bites

Not cooked - now that surprises me b/c most things offered are heat and eat.

I was totally disappointed in Corkeys chicken strips--- - way too spices - threw them away...........Have decided I want to fresh cook things instead of heating.


Agree - "A" gets on a roll - doesn't even listened to himself  LOL.    And spends more time chewing than explaining what we need & want to know.  Rachel the same..

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Re: Rastelli's Chicken Bites

The presentation is deceptive, isn't it.  They only show you the fully cooked chicken pieces and never mention that the meat arrives raw.  They do say the pieces need to be cooked or fried so maybe you could infer it.