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Someone here told me about USPS Informed Delivery and Schedule a Pick Up option.


Last week I used the "Schedule a PickUp Option" I entered the day & selected regular mail delivery times -- Easy & No Charge.

The mailman picked up no problem & I rec'd email from USPS my request was completed.


I just needed to sign up for a USPS account, very easy.


You may want to try this.



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@Helena852 I've been ordering with Amazon during this whole virus and have gotten things I ordered in 2-3 day ususally and not more than 7 with the exception of some face masks that were from a 3rd party seller. Also, I've gotten things from HSN within 2 days and no more than 4 after ordering. No delay with JCrew, either. 

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Today UPS delivered an MZ Wallace handbag that I just ordered on Saturday (3 days ago) from the MZ Wallace website.
3 days from order to delivery!!! I'm still in (happy) shock!!! LOL!
Thanks, MZ Wallace!!!👜😃
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I am signed up for it. I want to pay the fee up front as I don't want an exchange & this one will be much cheaper than using their label. I use it for exchanges. Right now they take so long though my items are usually gone by the time it's processed. The other crazy thing that's been happening for a long time now is tracking isn't up to date & surprize it's out for delivery! It's a good service for exchanges.


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If I want a product that QVC is selling for a great price, or features that I am drawn in by, I'll wait. Very few things are what they used to be pre-Covid-19.  Costco was so much slower than QVC! 


I do continue to check on my order status from QVC, and it seems, that the package delivery tracking system is lacking. It says "in process" and then a day or two later, it's on my front porch or in my mailbox.  


If I need or want an item lickety-split, I'll go and retrieve it myself or do without that item.

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Re: QVC needs help fast

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Do people not realize that for the last 3 months or more there has been a pandemic, employers working with skeleton crews, extremely heavy addition to shipping and now riots and many trucking companies temporarily limiting their deliveries due to danger of their drivers?  The Q has stayed open and are taking their warehouse employee's health seriously during all of this.


The Q was just getting their shipping in order and all of this caused a set back.


If anyone wants something immediately I would suggest shopping at a B&M store.  I also suggest dont order anything that has to be shipped from anyone for quite some time.  Amazon is slow too.  It takes me a week to get my Prime Pantry when I used to get it in 2 or 3 days.



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I don't consider myself being selfish if I am upset that shipping my item is taking so long.  I do understand what is going on with the pandemic.  I have ordered from other companies including Amazon and yes most of them are slower than usual.  But my case here at QVC is just way out of the ordinary.  I am now still waiting on an item to ship that was ordered on April 24.  It is now 40 days later and still hasn't shipped and no notification of a delay.  No communication for a reason why.  So I guess you assume 40 days and counting is OK?  

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Some shipping is slow. But I ordered something yesterday and something else early this morning, and both have already shipped.  Color me pleased!

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So far everything is going my way. Was supposed to have received an order on Saturday the 30th but there wasn´t a tracking number so it never arrived, Called Customer Service Monday night and I received a replacement today. Was told it would be here on thursday so was a little shocked that I got it today.


An order I placed on the 1st is on it´s way and will be here on Friday the 5th. I do believe that it all depends on where it´s coming from.


Hope everyone gets their packages soon.