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I received a gift card a few months ago.  Went to use it today and the QVC rep told me there was zero amount on the card and it was closed.  This was a gift card for $100 given to me and has not been used.  I know there were quite a few problems with them last year around the holidays. Any suggestions on the best way to resolve this problem?  The phone rep. told me to call Cashstar and that number looped me back to QVC.  Thank you

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Re: QVC Gift Card Problem

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This might not help, but one thing you might not realize is that the $ amount on a QVC Gift Card can be loaded onto an account without making a purchase. Once it is loaded onto an account, the card is done, whether it has been spent or not. 


Did you scratch the cover label just prior to trying to use it today? I don't see how it could have been used. Have you checked to see if you have any credits on your QVC account? They would be there with you entering the card information with an item in your cart without completing the purchase.

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The gift card scam is alive and well and very dangerous!  Plastic gift cards are very vulnerable and nowadays it is better to send an e-card instead.


According to AARP online  (Money, Scams & Frauds):


"One trick is for thieves to go to stores and surreptitiously scratch off the film strip on the backs of gift cards to get the personal identification numbers (PINs), which they cover back up with easy-to-obtain replacement stickers.

The scammer enters the card numbers and PINs into a computer program that repeatedly checks the retailer’s website and notifies them when someone buys and loads a compromised card. The crook can then spend or transfer the money on the card, or cash it in, before the buyer or gift recipient has a chance to use it. More than 1 in 3 respondents to the AARP survey said they had given or received a gift card that turned out to have no value on it. "


Unfortunately, QVC is not really responsible for fraud on a gift card given to you.  So sorry!  By the way, Cashstar has changed its name to Blackhawk Network.

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Hi @aggiesmom 


I am sorry you are having this experience. Please email your info to and we would be happy to assist. 



Customer Care

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I got my grandson an Amazon gift card from their site.  It came in a cute tin box that was wincluded for no extra charge.


Well, we weren't so happy.  The card had no balance on it either and Amazon would not make it good.  I was out $200 and embarassed and my grandson was disappointed.   I had to give him $100 to make up for the $100 gift card that was empty.

I very seldom give gift cards anymore.  Cash works better.

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Thank you all for the responses.  My son called Cashstar and they showed that the card  did have a $100 balance.  The aren't sure why I was told there was no balance and the account was closed.  They canceled the card and reissued.  I was able to use the reissued card.  Thank you again. 

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@aggiesmom Well I am happy that it worked out so well for you!!!!!













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This just happened to me. Sister sent me a 75 dollar gift card.  Went to use it and qvc said already used. I had only received it. Tried to use it several times and no go. My sister had to call card company which told her it was qvc. They will not return her money or issue new card. They said it would take several weeks. Wouldn't tell her where it was spent or anything. I'm out a Christmas gift and she's out 75 bucks.  No more..



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Re: QVC Gift Card Problem

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Yrs ago my DIL gave me a Q gift card. When I went to use it I got the same reply. It is not used by someone else ,QVC credits it towards your own acct. on something you already may have bought before you even knew you  would get the card.


It seems they automaticly  credit the card to your acct and if you previously bought something,even before you received the gift card they used it to pay for that item.


I know never to  buy one  after that.


Sadly, my daughter gave me one this yr ( she NEVER listens to what I tell ) 


It is probably used up already on some item I bought befor Christmas.

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I never buy gift cards from those displays in stores. Too many problems with criminals stealing the info on the back of the card. 
I only buy gift cards through my bank. The bank keeps the cards in their vault. I had to provide identification before the purchase.

 I was given a detailed receipt.