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There is no time for QVC to offer an item and then repeatedly put it on backorder, then processing for shipment only to eventually cancel the order. But this time within the season of giving is the worse time! This is the second item I have ordered which has reverted to backorder status after numerous times having the status of preparing for shipment.


The first item did so six times, from the status of preparing for shipment to backorder and back again. I called Customer Service and spoke to a gentleman who said he would send an email to resolve the problem of the pendulum status. Nothing changed. It kept going back and forth and then magically, I guess it reached the day when it was automatically canceled by QVC. Is the letdown completely lost on QVC? 

Those times it was preparing for shipment had dates on them which seemed to promise that the item would be mailed out.


Now, here we go again, yet another item which was preparing for shipment and now has reverted to the status of backorder.  I have been a customer since QVC was CVN and it seems as if the bigger QVC gets, now merged with HSN, the more it is not at all like it used to be so many years ago. I have little to no hope of seeing this item as I did not see the other one, simply wish if QVC does not have the item physically somewhere in its possession, it would not jerk the customer around with the status of the item and then disappoint by canceling! it all together as if it should have been expected! 

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I have an order that keeps flipping back and forth two - for the last month! It's a Christmas Tree so it makes decorating very hard to plan. Am I getting my tree or not?  It's back ordered again today after being prepared to ship yesterday.


Soooo frustrating!

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This is an issue that highlights a huge flaw in QVC's business model.  A problem between QVC and a vendor should never, literally NEVER, impact a customer.


Upper management is at fault.

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I think this is a problem in the computer program, algorthythms they call them now days.  I notice the same thing in waitlist orders, sizes and colors will be missing only to pop back up a day or so later. Or never.  It all depends on returns.  I think some other mysterious factor is at play with the "prepare to ship" status.  

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I agree with you--they oversold mine--now their showing the item again delivery 11/23--when  mine should have been here by now---nothing was sold out when I purchases mine very early in the day..    They have gotten too big.   

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I think it's often a case of a vendor not being able to fulfill their commitment. I don't think it will get better anytime soon with the virus continuing upward spikes across the globe.

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Sadly, my experience is that it did that several times, and then when the time for them to cancel due to them not being able to fill approached, it was unceremoniously canceled. I believe they should at least give you notice. Especially if they have kept you hoping for weeks, months. This is the third time for me and each time it weakens my sense that QVC is reputable and like it used to be when it was smaller and CVN. If you get bigger, you should get better, not extraordinarily worse!

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@Etoile308 wrote:

I think it's often a case of a vendor not being able to fulfill their commitment. I don't think it will get better anytime soon with the virus continuing upward spikes across the globe.

I agree with you @Etoile308. I ordered a TSV that was in stock shortly after midnight. Then I went back and ordered more. Both orders were "in process" for a long time- uh oh! Then they changed to "backorder." I wasn't too concerned, as I know things right now aren't as they usually are. Checking every day, I noticed one day the second, added, order had shipped. I was excited but nervous, as by now I'd read the reviews and some people were having problems. Then I noticed the first order had been cancelled. The second order I added was perfect. But we needed the original order to use everything as we intended.



I emailed the Social Team. The Social Team member understood my concern, but couldn't do anything about this situation.



My own theory is the item came to QVC and some were defective. Obviously they couldn't ship those. Ordering right away, I thought I would be one of the first to get them. That wasn't the case. I guess they went in order of how the orders came in.



The only other thing I can think of is they oversell, just as airlines overbook. But I don't think they would do that!  Smiley Frustrated