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Sadly, it is a small number of posters who cause the problem. Some love nothing better than to report other posters and stir the pot. 

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At least we still get the free, unsolicited lectures on Constitutional law from time to time.

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The poofers have the power...posters do not. I certainly understand and accept that fact.

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@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes wrote:

At least we still get the free, unsolicited lectures on Constitutional law from time to time.

Yet retention of the information is low so the same misinformed/misunderstood complaint is persistently repeated.

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@ChillyTulip wrote:

@KingstonMom wrote:

We novice posters here are well aware of what will be poofed.


Lately it seems that a lot of what's poofed are 'newbies' that only post negative things about hosts, vendors, etc., when they're totally ticked off.


Those type of posts SHOULD be poofed IMO.


I think the Mods do an excellent job of letting posters have their say, within reason.


It can't be an easy job.


Too bad the 'newbies' don't read the rules before they jump in and get poofed.

"Novice" means new or inexperienced. I don't think that's what you meant.




You're SO right! Thank you, I hadn't realized what auto correct did, LOL!


I meant 'experienced' posters here, meaning experience with posting here on QVC's forum.


Thanks again!


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@Auntie CC wrote:

It's too bad they are moderating free speech.

@Auntie CC.  I think it's highly appropriate.  This board would be a fiasco without moderation with people with no filter spouting all sort of contentious opinions and insults.

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@Auntie CC Free speech? THEIR board, THEIR rules. Free speech does not apply. But I think you know this. You've been here a long time.

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Somehow, over time, regular posters manage to get their viewpoints across, regardless of poofing.


We are a force to be reckoned with, apparently. I am grateful to have this playground.

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I don't think it is the posters reporting things that gets threads poofed either.

Unless it's late at night and multiple awful troll threads appear one after another by some out of control poster no one has ever seen before.


Since everyone has different view points of what is objectionable I think the mods decide on their own what needs to be taken down. I don't think they normally need or respond to our help or reporting, unless really blatant and multiple posters are reporting the same posts.


But unless we are a mod we don't really know.


All the threads that I've seen deleted, deserve to be deleted

(except for the Shalom one that they put back).

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@juanitalinda wrote:



It is also too bad that so many people think 'free speech' gives them the right to be rude or inconsiderate.  


While some people find the forums more boring, I actually enjoy rant-free reading.  


@juanitalinda Well I would argue that everyone has the "right" to be rude and inconsiderate.  Whether or not you should be is a different question.  People are free to say what they want, and then suffer the consequences, such as no one wanting to associate with them because they are "rude and inconsiderate," or, in this case, their comments getting poofed.

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