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Does anybody know the contact number  or email contact of Adorna jewelry? If I google Adorna, it reflects QVC. 


I ordered  from QVC, 3 pieces of  Adorna 14K rolo bracelet  (this was presented by Mr Rick on TV) last 2021. I placed it in safety box to stash away for future gifts for my 3 daughters. Now that it is nearing  Christmas and i have not buy anything, I am planning to give it this year. I am just surprise upon checking that it is tarnished. Gold should not tarnish. How come it is happening to my purchase?and this purchase amount was no joke for me..I patiently use easy pay so I can afford it.


I contacted QVC customer service , but since it is way past 30 days i should contact Adorna...and customer service  do not have Adorna's contact number.


Please, anybody?? Help.

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I did some googling and no one but QVC seems to carry this brand and there is no company website. I would suspect it is a QVC brand made by another company.

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Are they still in business?  I would "polish" them up and try to sell them.  If they are truly 14K should be worth more than what you paid for them



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@nnt  If you want to keep them, I suggest you conact Hopefully, they can help with your dilemma. If not take to a jeweler and see if they can polish them.  Wishing you the best.

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@nnt. FYI gold does tarnish.  Not as badly as silver but it does oxidize.  All you need to do is use the same sort of polishing cloth as you'd use for silver and polish it.  If it had been worn regularly, it undoubtedly would not have tarnished, just like worn silver doesn't tarnish.

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Adorna is just the name QVC uses for their proprietary gold jewelry.  There is not a different contact for this "brand," sorry.  They have a nice representative who talks about the gold, but she does not have any real authority. In the previous decades, the gold jewelry representatives also had ownership with the brand, such as Ted Leach with Eternagold, but then he sold everything.  Now there are hardly any fine jewelry family companies on QVC--Effy is one, not sure who else.


I think Adorna gold is all made in Turkey. Noone will assist with a purchase that is many years old, especially as the company can claim it had no fault if you had the jewelry put away and not cared for or worn.


Yes, all gold (except 24 K) will definitely tarnish slightly, especially if the alloys used include silver, nickel, or copper.  


You can easily clean gold--give it a good wash with a gentle dishwashing liquid first and see if that helps.  Some people also say let it soak in a glass of warm water with toothpaste for five minutes. Use a gentle microfiber cloth to polish.  Of course, you can take the pieces to a professional jewelry repair to see if they can clean them, but that may be too costly.


Just remember, the gold value and craftsmanship is still present--the items just need to be "shined up."  In the future, store the bracelets in anti-tarnish bags or boxes. 


You are a very generous mother, and I am sure your daughters will appreciate their gifts!