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Anyone else having trouble logging in to pay?  It keeps telling me it was technical difficulties.  I finally paid by phone.  No charge

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only pay by phone............   Smiley Happy

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There were a couple of threads about this a while ago.  I believe they said you have to make sure you are using the “full desktop” view of the website and not the mobile view.

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I stopped using the Qcard due to problems month after month trying to pay the bill online.  NOT worth the effort.

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I pay through the Q site.  Haven't had any issues.  I'm using my kindle.

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no issues for me. i either pay online by accessing the site via the qvc website on my computer OR i mail in a check for the payment.

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I go directly to the website ( and make my payment each month. I've never had any login or transaction problems.

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@geezerette  I am using the full desktop view and it still won't let me pay my bill.  Very aggravating.

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I use my banks bill pay instead of Sychrony.

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I've read the threads about the issues -- today is the first time I've experienced a problem of technical difficulties.

I normally use Firefox but tried Chrome as well and unable to login on either.