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Order arrived mangled

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****I've tried twice to email this using the social team email but it keeps getting sent back. The email address is saved in contacts so it's being sent to the right place.****


I placed an order for a Philips Norelco on 5-11. It sat at UPS between the 16-20. When it arrived this morning the box was obviously mangled and re-taped, as if it got caught in machinery. Upon opening the box, the shaver packaging was even more mangled, plastic shattered, shaver loose in the box, and the shaver appearing broken and missing parts. While this isn’t QVCs fault at all, the side of the box said it was fulfilled by IMG and the return address is for the Rocky Mt, NC warehouse, can it be exchanged for another? This was a gift, I'm not about to have it be used in this condition; it could be fine but it doesn’t seem safe to use.






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Hi @Ane1Care 


I am very sorry that your order arrived damaged. I have sent you an email regarding this to the email listed on your account.


Thanks for your patience.



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Re: Order arrived mangled

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@Ane1Care   Why would it not be safe for use?



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Seeing as it’s a rechargeable battery operated device that has withstood damage, the battery and the circuitry could well be damaged and short out; either while charging or in use as it can be used in shower.
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The  bottom line is : you paid for a brand new item ; not something from the “ scratch and dent “ dept .  It doesn’t matter if it works or not. . Have it replaced for sure !

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@Ane1Care - No need to justify wanting the item you ordered to arrive in new, undamaged condition.


That box looks similar to the one I received via UPS this past week.  The box was totally destroyed.  Thankfully, in my case, the product was undamaged, but heaven only knows why, as it was breakable.