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I placed an order yesterday for the 2 pc. Ginsu knife set and was given a total of $16.05 with 5 easy pays of $3.21.  Order status today says the total of $16.08.  Why is the total different than what I was told?

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3 cents difference?

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@WORKING GAL   Call CS & ask them why the 3¢ difference.

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@SaveTheTurtles- I know the price difference is very small but I want to know why.  This has happened to me before with a larger $ amount.  The price they quote you should be the price you pay. 

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There does seem to be a problem.  I put thru an online order yesterday and the easy pay did not calculate correctly.  The monthly payment was almost $2 more than it should be.  Had to call customer service.  I also have an online order for something else and it is still letting me cancel the order 4 days later!  We all know that is unheard of!