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I need help.  I am trying to pay off my entire easy pay balance, which is significant.  I've made three calls to customer service and attempted myself through the website to make payments but nothing is going through  CS agents tell me there is no other way to make payments and to check in the am after updates are made.  Each morning my list of easy pays remains unpaid.  

QVC is making it very hard to take my money.  Please help me pay my bill!!

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Hi @suzieqzee

I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties paying your easy pay online and with our assistance. Please be sure that your credit card information is entered correctly under My Account - Credit Card on If it is and your easy payments are still not being processed, please email us at

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I went in and transferred my balances to a credit card. You can change your payment method & update pay in full for each item. It was easy. Go to order status & then look for easy pay & they will all pop up.