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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

I haven't ordered anything except clothing items but I've received all my orders within 7 days.  I've been amazed at how fast some have arrived.  I think probably many imported toys and gift items may not have arrived at t h e warehouse for shipping as scheduled.

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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

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I don't even want some of the things I ordered back in NOV. anymore!!!


It is NOT the shipping ,it seems to be the PROCESSING in my case!

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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

Not all orders are consistently taking too long.  


Most of QVC's orders have been processed in 2-3 days.  I have one in "preparing" for 4 days...not that long. 


There were two delivered from QVC that said "in process" on my order.  Those orders were charged the next day.  


Most of my delays are at my local post office where I have had a few orders sit for over 3 weeks.  Others arrive on time.  


One Fedex "on the truck - to be delivered today" three times, was delivered yesterday.  


UPS deliveries have been on time.  


From what I see, the problem became serious when UPS put limits on retailers.  Those retailers had no other choice than to use USPS and Fedex.  They can't handle all of them either.  



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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

They are saying guaranteed delivery by Christmas on some items that I just noticed today......


Oh boy....good luck with that

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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

I need to understand the guarantee.  If you DON'T get it in time for Christmas:


Is it free?

Do they credit your account for the shipping charges?

Do they send you something to compensate?


Of course NOT!  The guarantee means NOTHING.  They cannot guarantee what happens with shipping companies.  So don't say it.


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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

I agree 100 percent!  QVC and all sites should STOP using the USPS. I have 3 items that were shipped back in November and no updated on tracking numbers for 3 or 4 days. They were all supposed to be delivered by last Friday or yesterday and have no idea on a realistic delivery date.

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Re: Hosts Comments About Shipping?

I live 2 and 1/2 hours from QVC, and I have had more than a couple items take 20-25 days to get here from point of order. They are trickling in now, but most will be returned, because the kids and grandkids boxes for Christmas needed to be sent Monday morning. 

I believe a great deal of the delay is in the shipping contracts QVC has, using the blended delivery systems with UPS and USPS. I'm sure the delivery priority for the "hand off" system is really low. 

I know it's bad all over, but the delays with other online merchants is nowhere near QVC's performance. Sure, the normal 3-5 days is now 7-10 with other merchants, but not 25 days! 

I see the "guaranteed Christmas Delivery" banner with today's Berkshire throws; and just don't see how that is possible. Happy Holidays everyone! 

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The service has been bad, no one seems to know what is going on and where yoComments About Shipping?

@Gorg wrote:

Nancy H. spoke about gifts arriving in 10 days this A.M. I guess she and  others really do not know what is currently going on? I am waiting 10  for three items to ship much less arrive in 10 days! I have heard posters mention this issue that the In Process and Preparing Your Order takes weeks sometimes. Ten years ago this could be true but not this year. 


I just felt like she was so out of touch as to reality!! I'd rather not hear statements that are obviously not possible or true regarding receiving orders.