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I so agree with you on that, we should have plenty of time to cancel or edit an order, we used to but not any more ,not sure why QVC has decided to go that route and I also agree with you about the nasty comments from other people who post here, they certainly seem to be on the attack here immediately no matter what the subject is but that situation has been like that unfortunately.

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I am also struggling with the inability to cancel an order. I placed my order for item A394644 (Skechers Poppy Washable Floral Print Slip-Ons - Tropic'Gal) around 2:30 am. It's about 10 hours later and customer service said it's too late to cancel. Surely it's not left the warehouse yet. I doubt that it's even been boxed for shipping at this point. Instead the rep suggested I mark it as "received wrong item" so I can avoid return shipping fees. Fine, but what about the shipping fees for sending the item to me, my time to take it to the post office, and their time and labor cost for processing a return and restocking it?  Doesn't make sense the the cancel window is so short. I'll think long and hard before ordering in the future. If I put an item in my cart and miss out, that's better than being stuck with this hassle. 

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I guess it's unanimous.  People don't like this not being able to change their minds.

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Update: 05/27/21 - order from 05/20 still being processed. Estimated delivery date changed from 05/27 to 06/02. Still not able to cancel this order, however, QVC has stated that I will not be responsible for any shipping charges. Fingers crossed!

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I've been a QVC customer for close to 30 years and rarely cancel items. Last week, I changed my mind on an item within 6 to 8 hours, and I was not able to canccel it. It said it was preparing to ship. Here it is 6 days later, and it still says it's preparing to ship. I don't like this at all.  If you cancel a lot, I can see how they'd block it. I placed an Amazon order 2 days ago, and part of it has shipped already. Not good for business or your long-time customers, QVC!