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Rarely do I use the $6.95 USPS prepared return label, I normally take return to post office and pay the postage I find it to be cheaper.  I've always thought using UPS would be far more more expensive.  There has been a couple times I was charged the $6.95 return postage per item I returned especially when I returned more than one item per package. Each time I noticed I was charged return postage I simply called customer service and they automatically refunded the postage, no need to send in proof that I paid postage on my end.  I suggest calling, I've always found customer service to resolve any issue I've had to my complete satisfaction.  

@judEve Same here. The only time I use Q's return label is when they're waiving the return shipping costs. Otherwise- I weigh  my packages and pay for the postage on my own through's website. It's discounted on line!  Sometimes I'll bundle returns together and ship it in one box, I make sure each return includes the paperwork so there's nothing missed. Never had a 'missing' return this way! The only problem I've had is being charged the $6.95 Woman Frustrated but a call to CS solves that problem. In general I call CS periodically to review the return $ breakdowns, just to review the amount they're crediting. It's actually gotten much better- there were a ton of mistakes last year!