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Re: Auto Delivery - False Advertising QVC - Sad!!!

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@loriqvc - I've never seen that mentioned, but as I said, I've emailed them using the address I gave and I've gotten an answer within the hour and I'm not going to waste their time emailing to ask about it.


It's hardly worth worrying about.  Use whatever works for you.  QVC or not QVC.


(All this has proven is that sometimes it's better not to even try to help.  BTW, the email I sent this week, using the address as I gave it, was answered in four minutes.)  Woman Frustrated

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Re: Auto Delivery - False Advertising QVC - Sad!!!

@Kachina624 wrote:

Common sense ought to indicate to you that if the product is not available, they can't sell it to you.  In the great scheme of things it may be aggravating but not really sad.  Sad is when 400,000 people die of covid19. 

Oh come on....

apples and oranges.


So no one can be aggravated about an issue without being scolded that their issue isn’t *important enough*?

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Re: Auto Delivery - False Advertising QVC - Sad!!!

@geebeegb1 wrote:

One of the reasons I use the Auto-Delivery option is the ability to change my selections on items that have choices. That no longer works if the item is sold out. No presentation mentions that fact. I have a number of items on Auto-Delivery that I wanted to change my choices (David's Cookies, Corky's Smoked Roasts, Popcorn, etc.). Now I am either stuck with my original choice or I cancel the auto delivery then I lose the special pricing.


Customer service - you need to add this fact to your presentations. All these changes you keep making are causing me to start to look elsewhere for products including going directly to the products' websites to order what I really want. Even if I pay a little more, I get everything I want.


Please reconsider or, at least, be honest about your claims.



Do you remember the years...long ago...when the Q’s auto-delivery 

products did NOT have an expiration date?!


Since the change, I have been known to place 2 or more separate auto-delivery

orders , in order to ensure a good supply in the future.

Especially if I’m getting my daughters gifts..


To say a product is on auto-delivery for 2-years, but there’s only 

2 more shipments (for example) is ridiculous, imho.