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I was wondering if you know when the Advanced Orders will be shipped, it said ship the week of Sept. 27th, if delayed it would be nice to get an email saying they will be shipped later. Thanks!

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Who knows?


It appears some of our comments here about all the ........Advanced Orders ...immediately after we place an order......... has come to the attention of hosts.  Had to chuckle last night - David was offering two fry pans $99 - and 3 times said these will not go to Advanced....we have them here = in stock.


However, I just now received e-mail advising one food item I ordered during Kitchen show = will be delayed.  Q is very sorry.

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I chatted cause I was wondering since I have 2 that are past ship out date, if that meant canceled. 1 is delaid no eta and the other hold tight, it's coming       I think these advance orders are a pain for them and they are playing catch up.

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I'm getting really frustrating with none of my advanced  orders processing even let alone ship ! They just keep being extended.  If they truly aren't going to ship then please notify us ,  don't just keep us hanging thinking  we will get the items eventually 😠 I'm getting the feeling none of my orders are even actually in stock  and that I better not count on getting them.   Very dissapointing ,  these advsnced orders I feel didn't work out as they might have or the way QVC thought they would .   


I do realize all the cargo ship, trucking  issues at this time and I guess many companies are also dealing with it ,  but I still just feel we all need to be updated on our advsnced orders and if they aren't going to be shipped just let us know s we don't count on them is all .  

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I totally agree with you, to keep us informed

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Im waiting for my TSV jeans ordered on 9/6..They were suppose to be sent out around 9/20........nowhere in sight.

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I agree. Some notification to explain the situation would be appreciated. If this happened at Walmart, people would be livid.
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Re: Advanced Orders

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Yes, I'm waiting on an advance order (placed on Sept 6th), supposed to have shipped 9/27.  My date says 10/20, but others are receiving their orders because they are writting reviews.  Where's my order if others are getting theirs, that's the question?  It is not available in my size or color to purchase again, but Q has really faltered on their advance orders.


On free shipping day, I canceled an advance order (which has been in stock for several days, only mine hadn't shipped), and reordered it with free shipping.  Although it still says it's in process, at least thats better than the advance order which said nothing about in process.


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I have a couple of Advance orders that I had been checking daily. It’s entirely possible they did sell out, but overnight they went from all colors available to sold out. Now a week past original projected ship date. I find myself wondering if they realized they weren’t going to be able ti deliver the product after all and decided they’d better stop selling them.
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I ordered the 2 Piece Basket Weave Tree Collar with bow by Valerie on October 13th as an advance order, with the understanding it would ship the week of November 8th. It is now November 20th. I tried to reach out to customer service for help, and all I got was the canned "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" response & that my inquiry would be escalated & that I should hear back soon. When I didn't hear back, I tried to reach out to customer service again (through chat this time), and I was told that my request had not yet been completed, and that I would have to wait for a response. This agent would not offer me any help aside from telling me I have to keep waiting. As I was typing my response to her, she rushed out of the chat like it was on fire & would not give me a chance to respond, when I know for a fact that a message displays at the bottom of the chat saying the other person is still typing. She knew full well I wasn't done trying to reply. I left a complaint, and again, received an empty apology about my customer service experience, thanked me for my patience, and that I would receive an email when my item ships. We decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving every year, and I placed my order with the understanding that it would ship the week of November 8th. I understand that there are supply issues, but if they know they can't meet their projected ship date, we should be notified in a timely manner instead of leaving their customers hanging. Shipping and supply issues might be out of their control, but providing good customer service is something they CAN control. If I don't receive an update by the end of day Monday, I am cancelling my order, and saying goodbye to QVC.